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Torque Wrench sqr drive Range    
Using a mono body design and the latest light weight alloy materials the sqr drive series hydraulic torque wrench offers superb performance at a fraction of the weight. The sqr drive tools are equipped with detachable square drives to be used with Impact sockets and ancillaries.

Save time when altering your reaction angle - a single release button mechanism guarantees speed - whilst a 360 degree splined body allows flexible orientation.

A simple lever mechanism un-locks and re-locks the reaction, and a push button release on the square drive ensures swift change over from bolt tightening to bolt loosening.
Maintenance and Calibration    
This equipment rarely breaks down, but a regular service schedule reduces the risk further. You don’t need a workshop, no spares to stock or order, no fitters to pay, no health and safety records to keep and no unexpected repair bills - just use Ar/z Its experience and resources will have you up and running with no loss of time or productions - we work around you.    
Owning your equipment is sometimes the only option.    
Whilst the hire option is ideal for one off lobs, break downs, strip downs and maintenance closures, these tools are robust enough to use on your regular bolting applications - then there is no comparison to the convenience of you owning the tooling.
Difficult access problems are overcome with 360 degree uniswvieI connections that assist hose orientation, in the most awkward of applications, and aids operator comfort. Designated male and female ported couplings ensure correct connections. Quick release button design on square drive. Minimise tooling with and reduce the risk of side loading with a range of direct fit sockets and adaptors.

For those reduced head room requirement or appIi vMere sale tightening, and removal of soket head cap screws is key, the s drive range has the facility to remove the square and ro with direct fit outputs.