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Torque Wrench - RATCHET Range  
By carefully focusing on the needs of our customers, Arizona remains at the forefront of tooling technology. Fully aware of the difficulties associated with flange bolting, the new RATCHET wrenches have an open hexagon designed to fit directly onto the nut or bolt head. This tooling is ideal for use on applications with limited overhead access or with fasteners having excessive thread protrusion.  
HSE recognise that training Is a must  
The Health and Safety Executive are convinced that, “Torque tightening is a specialist skill. Only trained and component personnel should undertake torque tightening, and they should use equipment which is correctly maintained and calibrated.” (Safety Division, June 2000) Let personnel take the worry out of guiding your staff    
Uni-swivel Coupler    
Typically, hydraulic torque wrenches are used to tighten and un-tighten nuts and bolts in cramped and confined locations, and of course the hoses always seem to get in the way. In many cases, additional hazards are created as operators overstrain hoses or damage couplings in an attempt to make tooling fit. the uni-swivel coupler (fitted as standard to all SQR DRIVE & RATCHET models) can be rotated by hand through a full 360 degrees allowing hoses to be conveniently directed away from dangerous and awkward obstructions. Don’t compromise on safety.    
Hydraulic Torque Wrench Accuracy    
Many manufacturers of hydraulic torque wrenches offer generic torque tables or pressure gauge overlays to support their products. Some actually offer these as promotional features, however, no matter how well they are produced, the fact remains that no two hydraulic torque wrenches are the same. Torque output varies, even between seemingly identical models, that is why all hydraulic products are individually calibrated, with all traceability to National Standards. Don’t compromise on tooling accuracy.